Digital LCD Display Measures Ac Voltage Range Of 2v - 750v With Overload Protection Of 750v Rms Measures Dc Voltage Range Of 200mv - 1000v With Overload Protection Of 1000v Meaures Ac Current Range Of 200ma - 20a With Overload Protection Provided By 0.5a and 250v Fuse Measures Dc Current Range Of 20ma - 20a Measures Resistance From 200_ - 2m_ Continuity Testing Network Cable Tester Transistor Hfe Measurement Range Of 0 - 1000 Indicates Continuity With Beep Sound Auto Polarization Refreshes Display Every 2-3 Seconds Manual & Automatic Operation Modes Read Instructions & Warnings Before Use Includes Test Leads & Holster Requires 9v Battery Weight: .96lbs

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