Pre-Season Collar Tilt Umbrella Refresher

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 Hello readers,


            Today we’d like to take a few short minutes of your time and go over some basics for your collar tilt umbrella, including what they are, how they work, and some basic trouble shooting. Hopefully it will help guide you as you consider obtaining a new one, or are getting ready to take yours out of storage for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons and could benefit from a short refresher.


The Basics


            First, are the basics. Collar tilt umbrellas are predominantly designed for basic, residential style use. The are meant for normal duty, meaning you crank it open for as long as you’re outside, then close it and tie it shut when not in use. When weather gets bad it is especially prudent to either cover them with a protective cover, or put them in storage if possible. This is just basic care that many of you already do.

            The next question you’re probably wondering, is probably “What is the collar and how does it tilt?” Well, this is, as the name implies, the most unique feature on these types of umbrellas. The collar is a rotating mechanism located on the crank housing that is just above the crank itself. It functions by rotating clockwise or counterclockwise to tilt the umbrella or bring it back to center. The collar is typically connected to the tilt joint by means of physical linkage inside the umbrella frame. Umbrellas will have a traveling hub that connects to the short support arms, and this hub must be above the tilt joint before you use the collar to tilt your umbrella, preferably this hub will be as close to the stopping ring as possible, normally located about 6 inches above the joint. Once the aforementioned hub is above that joint, you can safely operate your umbrella.


Tips and Troubleshooting


            There are times when our umbrellas just don’t function, much like many of us before our morning coffee. When this happens, don’t be too alarmed, there are some basic steps you can take before calling the manufacturer or your local patio store repair shop. One of the most common issues people run into is that their umbrella won’t open or close and suddenly stopped working. That is because the cord located inside the frame is either sitting too loose on the spool that connects to the crank, or it has a kink somewhere along it. In both cases, tension is your friend. The best course of action is to place a small amount of tension on that traveling hub, and slowly crank the umbrella open or closed, depending on your situation. Much of the time, it will help resolve the issue.


So, why us?


            we are glad you’re thinking that very same question. In the event that it doesn’t fix your problem, make sure you have your receipt since most manufacturers will require some sort of proof of purchase. Or, if you bought your umbrella from us, just give us a call or email, and we’ll help you get in contact with the manufacturer and provide them that information for you. It is just what we do. Our goal is to provide you with a customized product at a lower price than our competition, with a superior customer service experience. We will inform you, help you, and do anything within our means to make sure you have what you need and get what you want. We hope this refresher piece has shown you some of that. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for up to date information, and as usually, visit for all of your umbrella needs.

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