Patio Umbrella Covers Are A Must-Have to Protect Your Investment


Patio Umbrella Covers Are A Must-Have to Protect Your Investment

You depend on your patio umbrella to shade you and your family from the harsh effects of the sun and rain; you need to take care of your expensive investment with patio umbrella covers to protect it from the same elements. After all, you probably spent a considerable amount of time and money choosing the right patio umbrella for your outdoor space. For those who live in colder climates, keep large umbrellas in their outside space and may not have the room to store them inside. A well-chosen cover will protect your umbrella from snow and frigid rain in addition to sun and dirt.

A properly fitting patio umbrella cover will also prevent cracking in cold weather by providing a bottom tie cord, zipper, or combination closure method that secures the cover tightly over the patio umbrella during storms, high winds, and icy conditions. One manufacturer offers “click-close” straps that fasten over table legs and secure the cover on windy days, while an air vent reduces wind lofting and inside condensation.

Some patio umbrella covers come with padded handles that make placement and removal easy, while others offer eco-friendly fabrics weave. with recycled fibers and finished with PVC- free finish. The idea is to protect your patio umbrella and the environment simultaneously. Others offer interlocking seams that add durability and strength to it, and coat the fabric with weatherproof treatments that prevents cracking in cold weather. A good all-weather covering will protect in weather down to -22 degrees F without cracking.

With a properly fitted, climate appropriate protection you can keep this important outdoor accessory looking like new season after season. Tear- and puncture-resistant materials are incorporated into the better products, and some even claim to ward off insects, spiders, birds and tree sap! If you think about it, you would want your patio umbrella cover to protect against any element, including spiders and renegade birds. It should not be assumed that all are squirrel and vermin resistant, but don’t underestimate the manufacturers foresight.

Some manufacturers claim that their patio umbrella covers are better than most. In choosing the best cover for your umbrella, look for extras including straps or elastic edging designed to keep the cover tight and in place. Others offer linings of various soft and scratch-resistant materials that add additional safeguards to the umbrella they’re protecting.

An added bonus in utilizing a patio umbrella cover is the crisp, clean and if you prefer, colorful appearance they provide to your off-season outdoor area. Although you may have never considered it before, your umbrella is just as vulnerable to inclement weather as the rest of your patio furniture. Cover it just like the rest of your patio pieces, and enjoy your patio umbrella for many years to come.

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