Your Patio Umbrella Clearance: Calculate it Carefully

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Your Patio Umbrella Clearance: Calculate it Carefully

Your patio umbrella is meant to offer shade in an area where you and your guests may want to eat, drink, or just gather for conversation. Just as there are no two outdoor spaces exactly alike, there is no standard size when it comes to your patio umbrella clearance. Additionally, every patio umbrella is meant to accommodate a different space, whether it’s freestanding, attached to a railing or porch, or fed through the center hole of a patio table. Before you begin shopping, whether online or on foot, for the best patio umbrella you will need to measure the clearance your umbrella will require.


Measure the Patio Umbrella Clearance Space

If your patio or balcony area is small, your patio umbrella clearance space is going to be tight, limiting the size umbrella you can purchase. Naturally, a large patio will give you more size options. To determine the proper measurement, gauge the length and width of the area that will accommodate your patio umbrella. Make sure you allow at least six inches on all sides for the patio umbrella clearance to make sure it can be opened and closed without interference.  For instance, if your patio measures eight-feet x eight feet, it will accommodate any umbrella up to seven feet in diameter. A space of 10-feet x 10-feet provides a patio umbrella clearance of nine-feet. If your outdoor area is larger than 12-feet, your options are limited only by your décor.


What do you want to cover?

Depending on the use of the area that will house your patio umbrella, clearance size will depend on exactly what you plan to shade. A small patio umbrella of seven-feet is ideal for a two-seat bistro set, while a couple of chaise lounges or a dining set will require a medium size of nine- to 10-feet. Large oval or round dining tables that seat six or more require an umbrella clearance of at least 12-feet, meaning it will accommodate an 11-foot umbrella.


Table-centered or freestanding?

Any patio umbrella can be free standing if it has the right base, but not all umbrellas are meant to go through your patio table. The diameter of the patio umbrella pole determines whether or not it will feed into the umbrella hole existing in your table, which generally measures 1.75-inches. Once again, you need to measure your patio umbrella clearance as it relates to the positioning of your table as well as the diameter of the table’s center hole before you choose the best umbrella for your needs.

No matter how small your measures, you are always at a disadvantage if you choose not to purchase a patio umbrella base. Regardless of the support your table offers, a sturdy base is highly recommended. One strong wind can catch the umbrella and flip the whole table and its contents over with it. When choosing the right base, choose one that matches your furniture design, and is strong enough to manage in an area with a large patio umbrella clearance.



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