Choosing an Umbrella Stand

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Choosing an Umbrella Stand


Umbrella stands are a critical part of having a patio umbrella.  There are many different types of stands to choose from and depending upon the type of patio umbrella and where you are using it will determine what type of stand you should have.  These stands come in many colors and decors to match the setting you are placing your patio umbrella in.  Patio umbrellas also come in a variety of sizes and materials which must also be taken into account when deciding upon the stand to use.  Heavier umbrellas are going to need sturdier stands.  Likewise, if the patio umbrellas are in windy areas a heavier umbrella stand will also need to be considered so the umbrella does not blow over. 


Another important thing to keep in mind is what the stands are made of.  Some stands may end up rusting if they are in the outdoors at all times and can stain your deck or patio.  Also, if they are not made of a durable material inclement weather and sun can take its toll on them. 


I have recently read an article where an umbrella blew at a restaurant and hit a patron in the head.  This patron is now suing the restaurant for damages from the umbrella. This is a situation everyone would want to prevent happening whether it be in a commercial setting or at home.  Flying patio umbrellas can be lethal.  Extra care should be taken when deciding upon what type of umbrella stand to choose.


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